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Interstellar FAQs -- Website Hosting

1. What is a web host?

Your web host manages the server that publishes your website.

2. What is a server?

A server is a computer that is connected to the internet and is configured to process requests from other computers. A web server processes websites; an email server processes email.

3. What characterizes a good server?

People use different criteria to choose their server. Some people just want the lowest price possible. Some demand a server that is always running and never fails. Some people want a server that is fast, i.e. it serves large files almost instantaneously. Others require certain features such as dedicated IPs, SQL databases, e-commerce functions, SSL certificates, etc. Please see our tips on selecting a host.

4. Are you the cheapest hosting company?

No. There are many very cheap and some free hosting companies. You can use a search engine to find them. We charge a little more (click here for our hosting plans) and we provide nearly 100% uptime, very fast and stable servers and attentive support.

5. What is meant by overselling server space?

Some companies cram many accounts into the same server. They sell, for instance 100 megabytes of space on a server that only holds, say, 40 megabytes knowing that most customers use a fraction of their alotted space. This practice save money but sacrifices bandwidth quality. With too many accounts, the server cannot keep up with requests and loads web sites slowly.

6. How can you tell if the server is fast?

You must test it by downloading files and finding how long the server takes to send them. Please check out our Website Server Speed FAQ for more information.

7. Are your servers stable?

Our servers are very stable. They experience very little downtime (usually a couple minutes every few months when we reboot or upgrade the servers). You may check our server uptime using the orange Alertra icon at left or by clicking here.

8. Do you manage your own servers?

Yes, we personally manage our client accounts on our servers. We also have a staff of server administrators to configure and maintain our servers 24/7.

9. If I am not satisfied with your service can I have my money back?

Of course. If you are dissatisfied within the first 30 days, we will gladly return your money. After that, we will refund the unused portion of your fees. To date, no one has made these requests. We work hard to make our customers happy. If you have any complaints please notify us!

10. I already have a free site. Can I save money by hosting my site there?

Yes, if you register or transfer a domain to us, we will forward requests from your domain name (yourdomain.com) and email (you@yourdomain.com) to your free host for no additional charge. You can then upgrade whenever you want.

11. What are the drawbacks to that approach?

Since your sites will be hosted on other servers, you must receive support from them. We cannot fix any problems with their servers or service. Also, search engines might have problems following the redirect to your free site. Other than that, everything should work fine.

12. With the hosting plans, can I telnet into a shell account on your server?.

Sorry, we do not allow telnet, SSH, or any other shell access as a security precaution. We have found that allowing shell access is an invitation to hackers and thus unnecessarily compromises the stability of our servers. We will issue approved shell commands for you.

13. I would like a secure site but I don't want to pay for my own SSL certificate. Can I use yours?.

Yes, you can use our shared SSL certificate. You must use our generic domain name followed by your account login (https://ourgenericname.com/~yourlogin/yoursecurepage.html) Full details are available when you sign up.

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